REDwire Denso coatings help keep planes in the air by protecting jet fuel pipeline

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Denso North America Inc

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Denso Protal coatings are used at Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

Liquid coatings used for pipeline protection in Canada must handle some demanding cold weather conditions. Many coatings on the market are unable to meet this challenge. In addition, cold temperatures can make coating application difficult, often requiring preheating, which slows progress and raises project costs.

Contractors were facing this type of challenge when working on a jet fuel pipeline for Toronto Pearson International Airport. When the airport added a new terminal, it required a pipeline that could deliver jet fuel from offsite tanks located about five kilometres from the airport. To complete the project in a timely fashion, they needed a coating that could be easily applied during the winter months. Denso Protal 7125 was the ideal solution.

Coating advantages

Protal 7125 is Denso's "winter grade" liquid coating for pipeline protection. It is a fast curing, low temperature pipeline coating that was formulated specifically for applications with cold substrates and ambient temperatures. It can cure at temperatures as low as -20 degrees C (-4 degrees F) without freezing, and it features excellent adhesion.

In the Pearson Airport project, Protal 7125 was used to coat field repairs and girth welds. It was applied at temperatures of -15 degrees C and enabled crews to work without the need for preheating. As a result, the project moved forward smoothly all through the winter.

As the project continued into the summer months, Denso Protal 7200 and Protal 7250 were also used to protect the pipe and girth welds. These fast cure, high build, epoxy coatings are formulated to complement FBE coated pipe.

More information

The versatility offered by Denso's coatings allow construction companies to easily overcome the challenges posed by Canada's wide temperature ranges. These coatings are capable of protecting pipelines from corrosive elements and water corrosion damage.

For more information on the products available from Denso North America, visit the company’s website.


Denso North America Inc

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