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Denso North America's products are designed to solve the challenges of many industries and applications.

Denso North America carries a wide selection of corrosion prevention products that are well suited for many applications. From bridge cables and piles, concrete piles and pipes, and cooling towers, to water and wastewater pipes, Denso North America’s lineup offers the corrosion prevention required for today’s most challenging environments, both above and below water and the ground. 

Endless applications

The products are designed to solve the challenges of many industries and applications.

Oil pipeline corrosion prevention is a common use for Denso products. Oil pipelines need to be protected because they are relied on to bring energy to power the world. Denso offers a wide range of corrosion protection options, from its Protal Liquid Epoxy Coatings, to its Petrolatum, Bitumen and Butyl Tapes, which can prevent oil pipeline corrosion and help keep pipelines flowing in both tropical and winter climates.

Timber pile corrosion protection is another application ideal for Denso products. Timber piles are easily damaged from corrosion caused by environment and marine borers; however, Denso’s SeaShield Marine Series provides a proven 80-year history of pile protection with its tapes, outerwraps and jacket systems that prevent corrosion and provide pile rehabilitation to damaged timber piles.

Another application is the corrosion protection of valves, fittings and other irregular-shaped connections, which are susceptible to external corrosion from the environment. Denso offers many options of corrosion protection for this type of project. From liquid epoxy coatings to tape systems, its products are designed to keep these connections secure for decades.

Bulkheads, commonly used to protect structures and property from marine tides, are also an excellent fit for Denso products, as they, too, need protection from corrosion. Denso Rigspray is a proven coating that provides the corrosion prevention needed to extend the steel sheet pile’s life so it can protect property from marine damage and erosion.

These are just a handful of application examples, but the list goes on and on, and includes roadway sealing and wind turbine protection.

More information

To learn more about Denso North America’s lineup of anti-corrosion and sealing products, and the many applications they are suited for, contact Denso North America.


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