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Special high-performance PTFE gasketing materials are available from All Custom Gasket.

Standard PTFE gasketing is used in a wide range of applications, but the most demanding jobs call for special high-performance PTFE gasketing materials. A range of these materials, including Gylon, Durlon and Tealon PTFE gasketing, are available from All Custom Gasket.

High-performance PTFE materials


  • Designed for severe chemical service and provides superior sealability;
  • Available in several varieties and colour-coded to make identification simple;
  • Resistant to cold flow and minimizes creep associated with typical PTFE products;
  • Options include: Gylon 3500, 3504 and 3510 for corrosive applications; Gylon 3545 for irregular surfaces and low bolt load applications with its highly compressible layers and rigid PTFE core; and HP 3560 for high-pressure service and aggressive chemicals with its perforated stainless steel core.


  • Using a blend of fillers and pure PTFE resins, Durlon material offers better flexibility at low temperatures, high dielectric properties and good electrical insulation when compared to mechanical-grade PTFE;
  • Tested and approved for applications with highly aggressive chemicals, as well as high purity applications (FDA requirements);
  • Options include: Durlon 9000, pure PTFE resins with inorganic filler that can be cleaned for oxygen service; Durlon 9200, pure PTFE resins with barium sulfate fillers that provide resistance to chemicals, including hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid and sodium hypochlorite; and Durlon 9600, expanded PTFE for use in steel flanges and flanges where highly compressible gaskets are required.


  • Each style is composed of virgin PTFE resin with various fillers, which makes them suitable for service with a wide variety of aggressive fluids.
  • Options include: TF1570, filled with hollow glass micro-spheres for use with fragile flanged joints; TF1580, filled with barium sulfate for service in a wide variety of fluids, strong caustics and moderate acids; and TF1590, filled with Silica for service with high pressures and temperatures


  • Made of 100 per cent pure, expanded PTFE with adhesive backing, this form-in-place sealant is ideal for worn out flanges in need of a tight seal. Some of the benefits of this sealant tape include easy installation and soft material for cutting at site. In addition, the tape conforms to FDA requirements.

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Ask the staff at All Custom Gasket for the various sizes and lengths in stock and ready to ship to any site. To learn more about the high-performance PTFE gasketing materials available, visit the All Custom Gasket website.


All Custom Gasket & Materials Ltd.

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