REDwire Deburring results in a safer, stronger end product

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Many different types of media can be used in the deburring process.

Deburring is an essential part of the finishing process when working with materials that have sharp edges after being cut. It’s not only a critical step for the safety of anyone who handles the product, but it also helps to make the end product stronger, so that it lasts longer.

A key piece of equipment

A deburring machine has several roles in the finishing process. It helps smooth out the jagged edges of metal parts or any other material, like plastic and wood products, which are left with sharp edges after being cut. Deburring machines also help remove excess materials on a part after it is formed in a mould, as well as remove oxidation, rust and mill scale.

Safety first

A deburring machine is important to the safety of both workers and consumers. After metal parts go through the deburring process, for example, sharp, rigid edges are eliminated, allowing workers to handle it without the risk of getting cut. Removing excess materials from parts also makes them safer to handle.

A deburring machine also helps maintain the safety and proper working order of other key pieces of equipment in the manufacturing process. For example, when materials are deburred before moving on to the next stage in manufacturing, sharp edges are eliminated. This means there is no risk of jagged parts getting caught on machines, which could lead to equipment damage, downtime and added costs.

A stronger part

Removing rust from parts also helps make the parts stronger and healthier, resulting in an end product that will last longer.

Additional details

Indeed, deburring machines are a necessity for any manufacturer working with plastics, metals or wood. But to keep these machines running smoothly, the proper amount of finishing compound must be used. Vibra Finish can help customers determine the best finishing options for the application.

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