REDwire Data recording devices offer high performance and accuracy

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Data recording devices from HBM are available in Canada through Durham Instruments.

Durham Instruments can supply data recording devices from HBM. These portable, high-speed devices offer reliability, versatility, accuracy and ease of use for a wide range of industrial applications.

Transient recorder and data acquisition system

The GEN3t, a portable transient recorder and data acquisition system from HBM, is a robust yet sophisticated instrument for ultra-fast recording, analysis and reporting. It features a one-gigabyte Ethernet interface that can stream recorded data directly to a PC at 100 megabytes a second; though higher streaming rates of 400 megabytes a second are available with the 10-gigabyte electrical or optical Ethernet option. When more reliable or distributed storage of recorded data is required, the GEN3t supports an optional built-in, non-removable solid-state disk, or it can directly store recorded data on an external Network Attached Storage device. To synchronize the absolute time to other systems, the GEN3t supports the PTP protocol. For legacy or industrial systems, the GEN3t optionally supports IRIG A and B, or GPS-based time synchronization. This system is configured and controlled using Perception software, which must be purchased separately to run on a user-provided PC.

High-speed, portable data recorder

The GEN3i, a versatile, portable data recorder, provides all of the features expected from a transient recorder. Its hardware combines a full-featured, low-power, Intel Core i5 third generation Windows PC with a large, high-resolution, touchscreen and a robust three-slot acquisition unit. In addition, the GEN3i has the same form factor as its predecessor GEN2i; however, it offers more channels (up to 96) and more processing power (200 megabytes a second of continuous streaming). It comes with five different Windows languages and eight different Perception languages pre-installed. This device features a unique touchscreen panel with one-touch access to all features for daily operation. With a single touch, this data recorder turns into a dedicated instrument for analysis and sophisticated reporting.

Additional details

These units are available in Canada through Durham Instruments, a distributor of high-quality electronic instrumentation and data acquisition and control systems. To learn more, contact Durham Instruments


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