REDwire Data collection possible in harsh environments with IP69K-rated solution

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Kronos 4500 IP69K Edition can stand up to harsh conditions thanks to its sealed, dust-tight, stainless-steel case and sealed external cable connectors.

Manufacturers often struggle to obtain real-time labour data in harsh environments because most data collection devices can’t stand up to harsh conditions and wash-down procedures. Kronos solves this problem with the release of Kronos 4500 IP69K Edition — the company’s popular badge terminal solution in a rugged, IP69K-rated edition.

Now companies can control costs by accurately recording time and activity data in harsh environments — a dust-filled industrial setting, an area that is sanitized regularly, or a location that endures temperature fluctuations. Kronos 4500 IP69K Edition can stand up to these conditions thanks to its sealed, dust-tight, stainless-steel case and sealed external cable connectors. In fact, the device meets the International Electrotechnical Commission’s IP69K standard, having demonstrated that it is dust-tight and able to endure high-pressure, high-temperature wash-down and steam cleaning.

The terminal features a large LED light for dim or noisy environments, and an optional heater is available for sub-zero temperatures.

Thanks to the new IP69K Edition, manufacturers in harsh environments can now experience the benefits of Kronos 4500. They can capture data instantly at the source, helping to ensure it’s reliable and accurate; minimize compliance risk by tracking required labour data; and improve productivity with labour data to make better operational decisions and improve employee satisfaction. Another bonus: employees can easily navigate through the menu-driven interface with programmable soft keys, and they can use the device for many self-service business processes, including requesting time off and checking work schedules, leave balances and total hours worked. 

Kronos 4500 IP69K Edition is part of the company’s lineup of workforce management solutions. All of the company’s products are designed to control labour costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity. 

For more information on its IP69K Edition solution, contact Kronos.


Kronos Canadian Systems Inc.

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