REDwire Data acquisition software enables users to visualize, automate, analyze and save

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HBM's catman DAQ software enables easy and intuitive data analysis to streamline measurement projects.

HBM's catman DAQ software is more than just a data acquisition tool. Available in Canada from Durham Instruments, this software allows for data visualization, analysis and storage during measurement tasks, and has the capability to create professional, printable reports following measurement.

The software enables easy and intuitive data analysis to help streamline measurement projects. Its range of functions includes:

Visualization: Users can individually visualize and control data on multiple pages, screens or in full-screen format. The software also allows them to visualize signals in the time, frequency or angular range, visualize GPS data on maps, and integrate up to four video signals.

Save: Users can save data with up to 12 MS/s or 100 MB/s, record two parallel measurement tasks and statistics logs, and use signal analysis to define smart triggers. Multiple formats for storage and export are available, and users can scale up to 20,000 channels.

Automate: The software can trigger automated actions, such as an email alert or smartphone push message, based on defined events. In addition, auto sequences can be used to automate work flows and test sequences, while VBA script can be used to automate analyses and advanced functions.

Analyze: The software can be used to compare data sets, compute and analyze signals, and perform powerful data analysis. Plugins can be used for rotating mechanical shafts, combustion engines, electric drives and mechanical stress, as well as for fatigue life analyses.

Report: The software has the capability to create professional reports once the user has exported the visualization to Microsoft Word. It can also create printable pages in multiple formats.

Whether it’s being used in mobile road tests, the testing of components in test benches, monitoring tasks or research, catman DAQ software is up to any challenge. It is available in four editions to suit the needs of different applications. To learn more, contact Durham Instruments


Durham Instruments

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