REDwire Data acquisition and control system offers precise and reliable performance

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The PMX Modular Amplifier System from HBM has the strong performance required for production control and industrial test bench environments. Available in Canada from Durham Instruments, PMX enables precise acquisition of force, torque, vibration, pressure, strain, temperature, voltage, current and many other quantities, making it a top choice for use in modern production applications.

Key features and advantages

This unit works fast. With 16 measuring channels and 32 calculating channels, PMX is rated up to 400,000 values per second, and all channels are rated with 19,200 samples per second. In addition, the system offers real-time communication via Industrial Ethernet, supporting both EtherCAT and Profinet, which enables it to integrate seamlessly into modern production plants.

Additional features include browser-based software, which is easy and intuitive to use for both production and administrative staff. The software includes a comprehensive program library, numerous available drivers and API interfaces for maximum expandability and transparency. Its interface also allows fast access to production data for evaluation and for flexible service and maintenance.

Together, these features enable PMX to process signals internally and transfer them in real-time to the user’s automation system.

PMX is also highly accurate, providing optimum results in production environments. With a sampling rate of 19.2 kHz, this unit offers both precision and quality assurance.

An added bonus: PMX is scalable, and can grow as the user’s requirements grow. Thanks to flexible plug-in cards and the possibility to connect different PMX modules to each other, users can increase their number of channels, integrating up to 300 measurement channels and up to 600 mathematical calculation channels.

Additional details

Thanks to its many features and advantages, the PMX Modular Amplifier System is ideal for many industrial applications, including press and printing processes, machine monitoring, industrial test benches and end-of-line test stands.

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