REDwire Data acquisition and analysis software offers power, performance and ease of use

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HBM’s catmanAP software bundles highly efficient modules for many different measurement tasks.

Software that has the ability to measure and evaluate data professionally and reliably is often complicated to use. HBM’s catmanAP is the exception. Available in Canada from Durham Instruments, this new generation of software offers a simple and convenient way to acquire and analyse test data, and is as easy and intuitive to use as any standard office software. It’s all of this without compromising power.

Multiple modules for multiple tasks

The software bundles highly efficient modules for many different measurement tasks. 

  • The EasyMath module, for example, is designed for the mathematical evaluation of data, and has the ability to perform many different mathematical analyses. The results can be easily printed out, visualized and exported.
  • The AutoSequence module adapts to the user’s individual measurement tasks and facilitates their daily work. It has the capability to automate repetitive measurement or analysis steps by simply placing functional blocks in a desired sequence.
  • The EasyLog module autonomously records measurement data on a PC card or hard disk.
  • The EasyPlan module, designed for offline parameterization, enables users to easily setup and configure measurement tasks in advance without needing to connect to the amplifier.
  • The EasyScript module allows users to create their own scripts for individual measurement tasks to develop specific measurement or analysis steps. This module is based on the established Microsoft VBA standard.   

Together, these modules provide a flexible, powerful and networked high-performance package.

Easy to use

Whether being used for component testing, R&D or mobile data acquisition applications, catmanAP software makes measurement tasks easy. Users simply configure their amplifier using TEDS, the transducer electronic data sheet, or the expandable sensor database. Once that’s done, measuring can begin.

To learn more, contact Durham Instruments.


Durham Instruments

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