REDwire Daemar supplies a range of caps and plugs for product protection

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A variety of caps and plugs are available from Daemar.

Daemar has been supplying a wide variety of caps and plugs for product protection for more than 40 years. The company's selection includes packaging caps, vinyl caps, tear-tab caps and shipping tube plugs. The many options available allow Daemar to supply the ideal cap or plug to protect all types of products throughout the shipping process.

Protection for packaging and shipping

Some of the different types of caps and plugs available include:

  • Packaging caps: These feature moulded interior rings that provide a perfect fit into tubes such as cardboard mailing or packing tubes. They will fit most standard tube sizes and have a ribbed exterior that makes removal easy. They are made from low-density polyethylene.
  • Shipping tube plugs: STP Series shipping tube plugs feature a narrow flange that ensures there is no overhang that might snag on other tubes. They are ideal for container tubes used for packaging, shipping and mailing. These caps are also made from low-density polyethylene.
  • Vinyl caps: These caps are available in several varieties. The VHC Series caps have a centre hanger tab, so they work well with tools that need to be hung. These caps will provide a tight fit so they won't fall off. The VHR Series features a hanger tip that sits to the side, ensuring parts hang down smoothly. The VSE Series has a square head that prevents products from rolling around.
  • Tear-tab end caps: TE-TAB Series tear-tab end caps are designed to fit securely into Caplug ClearView plastic tubing. They feature a thumb tab for easy removal.

More information

Visit the Daemar website for more information on the wide range of caps and plugs available. In addition to solutions for product packaging, the company’s selection includes finishing caps, oilfield thread protection caps, valve and compressed gas cylinder caps, core plugs to protect rolls and spools, caps for electronic applications, and more.


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