REDwire Daemar's Fiber-Lube bushings handle many demanding, non-lubricated applications

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The CJ and FCJ Series feature low friction, high-load capacity, and a self-lubricating design.

Daemar supplies a range of Fiber-Lube composite bushings. These self-lubricating bushings feature low friction, resistance to corrosion, and are well suited to long-term, highly loaded applications.

Rugged performance

The company’s CJ/FCJ Series are rugged bushings that can handle non-lubricated operation in a variety of climates and environments. The self-lubricating wear surface provides reduced equipment costs and maintenance requirements. These composite bushings have the rigidity to support heavy loads, yet can tolerate moderate shaft misalignment without highly stressing the ends, while also providing shock absorbency.

These excellent characteristics mean CJ and FCJ bushings can be used in a broad range of equipment. But each of the two types offers distinct advantages for different applications. For instance, CJ bushings offer a higher maximum pressure limit and higher hardness rating, while the FCJ Series features a higher maximum velocity.

CJ Series

CJ bushings are well suited to applications that require a high-load capacity, reduced weight, electrical insulation and resistance to corrosion (including chemical, galvanic or fretting). Some of the ideal applications for the CJ Series include:

  • Back hoes;
  • Front end loaders;
  • Hitches;
  • Graders;
  • Mining equipment; and
  • Hydraulic cylinder pivots.

FCJ Series

FCJ bushings should be used in applications where low-speed porous and cast bronze would normally be used. They are well suited to combination motion-oscillatory, linear and/or rotary applications. The FCJ Series is also more tolerant of small contaminants than CJ bearings. Lastly, FCJ bearings are easily machined using standard techniques, and are supplied in sizes that are interchangeable with standard bronze bearings.

Some of the applications FCJ bearings are used in include:

  • Robotics;
  • Marine pivots;
  • Business machines;
  • Farm implements;
  • Packaging machinery; and
  • Material handling equipment.

For more information on the Fiber-Lube bushings available from Daemar, visit the company’s website.


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