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Cutting fluids are available in liquid, gel and aerosol classes, among others.

Cutting fluids are specialty lubricating coolants that are used to enhance a variety of metalworking processes. To get the best results, it's essential to select the right type of fluid for the job. Rotem Industrial Products offers the best coolants available, and can provide a range of coolants to suit any application.

Classes of cutting fluid

Some of the different classes of cutting fluid available include liquids, pastes and gels, as well as mists and aerosols. Liquid cutting fluids include synthetic and semi-synthetic varieties. They are made from emulsified oil and water suspension, which provides the high performance of both water and oil as coolants. Some liquid cutting fluids incorporate mineral substrates, which make the suspension more stable and improve performance. Some common liquid class fluids include way oil, kerosene, dielectric fluids and liquefied water-oil base.

Paste and gel class cutting fluids are essential for some drilling and tapping processes. Gels are also commonly used when working with band saws, as they can increase the saw's flexibility by reducing the grip on the surface.

Mists and aerosols are used to create a conducive working environment in some specialty cutting processes. This class of coolant ensures the process is administered flexibly and with minimal staining.

Rotem product selection

No matter what class of cutting fluid is selected, Rotem Industrial Products can supply a high-quality solution. Rotem's cutting fluids are supplied by leading manufacturers, including Master Chemical and ChemArrow.

In addition to a variety of cutting fluids, Rotem can supply a range of other industrial fluids such as oils, coolants, cleaning solutions, hydraulic fluids, rust inhibitors and more. Fluid products from Rotem can be supplied by the pail, drum or 1,000-litre tote.

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