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From hanging and transporting clothes at the drycleaners to spraying car parts in an assembly line, overhead conveyors are designed to transport heavy-duty goods in the industrial automation industry.

Overhead conveyors are used in material handling equipment applications including painting systems and powder coating production lines.

The framework of an industrial overhead conveyor includes an enclosed track system, a motor as well as vertical and horizontal bearings, which work together with chains to move objects around inclined and declined corners.

Overhead conveyors key advantage compared to traditional conveyors lies in its increased productivity and space saving features.

Here is a breakdown of the anatomy of a well-oiled, overhead conveying machine:

Conveyor chain: designed for maximum flexibility to move in a multidirectional way, conveyor chains must exhibit consistent durability that is strong enough to propel items in tandem with the drive unit. Tight radius curve adaptability provides close spacing while improved functionality of loading and unloading objects along the track.

Drive unit: the horsepower of the unit should have an energy-efficient, variable controller in order to adjust the speed of the conveyor. Drive brands such as Caterpillar are popular for its adaptability in retrofitting with existing conveyor components as well as its product pass through power of distributed loads of up to 30,000 pounds.

Enclosed track system: includes an invisible chain inside the track, which is a valuable safety feature preventing injury from the moving parts of the unit. The enclosure also eliminates contamination of the conveyor chain and bearings from external elements, such as paint for example, when performing spray applications to objects.

Pendants: manufactured as the transporters of the conveyor operation, one pendant keeps up with their fair share of the load by handling upwards of 50 pounds, whereas two pendants are capable of holding double that amount.

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