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Crown Cookware pots are created from 1/8-inch-thick high purity food grade aluminum equipped with 1/2-inch aluminum handles and securely fastened by four 1/4-inch leak-proof aluminum rivets.

Making a meal that is worth a second helping starts with the most important ingredient:  the cookware.

Take your traditional cookware and bakeware for a spin.  Make your next bakeware or cookware your crowning moment with Crown Custom Metal Spinning Inc.

Metal spinning is a metalworking process that deforms ductile metal discs or tubes at high speeds to form circular and round shapes. Combined with a spinning lathe and spinning chuck (commonly referred to as a tool), the metal is reshaped using a hand tool or roller at predetermined speeds.

Separate truth from fiction before trusting a metal spinning manufacturer with your next project.

Myth 1: Crown Cookware is manufactured only for professional chefs or commercial use

At Crown Custom Metal Spinning Inc., we manufacture industry standard bakeware and cookware products for not only bakers, chefs and cooks, but we also cater to domestic kitchens, home chefs and epicureans.

Myth 2: Custom professional bakeware and cookware is expensive

Crown Custom Metal Spinning Inc. fabricates high quality metal spinning products at a cost-effective rate. As professionals in the field for more than 30 years, we minimize material waste and maximize parts with production runs small or large with minimal upfront capital costs.

Myth 3: Metal spinning costs the same or more than hydroforming, forging or casting.   

Metal spinning is priced competitively against these other methods of creating rounded metal shapes, which typically have a higher fixed cost.

Myth 4: Custom aluminum and steel circles are the main circles you carry

We do carry an in-depth inventory of hard anodized aluminum and steel circles for your gastronomic product needs. We also have in stock aluminized steel, brass, copper, carbon, steel and stainless steel in a variety of diameters and thicknesses.

Myth 5: I have to be a modern day Picasso in order to draw the type of product I want you to design

Simply email or fax us your sketch or drawing of your sample and we will bring it to life. CAD drawings are welcomed, but not necessary for us to start work on your project immediately.

Whether for baking or cooking, our high quality Crown Custom bakeware and cookware products elevate mealtime into a culinary experience.

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Crown Custom Metal Spinning Inc

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