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Newcomb Spring specializes in manufacturing paint hooks to meet customer specifications.

Paint hooks — used to hang products during finishing processes — are the type of products that benefit from a custom design. Paint hooks are available in a range of shapes and sizes from a variety of sources; however, having them custom made by an experienced manufacturer is the best way to ensure that the products hang properly and the finish is consistent.

Newcomb Spring specializes in manufacturing paint hooks to meet customer specifications. In fact, the company does not carry any paint hooks in stock because Newcomb Spring knows its custom manufacturing capabilities enable it to meet each customer’s unique requirements. 

“As with all Newcomb Spring-produced parts, we can custom manufacture any hook to fit your needs,” the company explains.

Design and manufacturing capabilities

Newcomb Spring can work with a variety of material types, shapes and sizes. For instance, it often makes paint hooks with materials ranging from spring steel and stainless alloys to titanium. The wire shapes available include round, square and rectangular. The maximum material sizes available are two inches bar stock and from .004 to .652 inches in spring wire.

In addition to custom manufacturing services to meet specifications provided by customers, the company also offers design assistance to help create the ideal paint hooks. The experts at Newcomb Spring can provide customers with suggestions on how to optimize the performance and reduce the production cost of hooks. 

Paint hook end types

In addition to paint hooks with totally unique designs, Newcomb Spring has experience working with a variety of standard hook end types. Often, customers require a standard shape with a design adjustment to meet their specific needs. Some of the most common end types include:

  • V-hooks;
  • Round hooks;
  • Straight legs;
  • Chamfered; and
  • Reduced end swivel hooks.

Newcomb Spring encourages customers to contact its team of experts with any paint hook inquiries, as the possibilities are too numerous to list.


Newcomb Spring of Canada Ltd.

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