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Vegetable fibre, papers, cork and felt gaskets are available from All Custom Gasket.

The lineup of fibre gasket material available from All Custom Gasket includes vegetable fibre, papers, cork and felt. The leading gasket manufacturer offers these economic materials with good resistance to fuels, gasoline and other aggressive media. These materials each offer their own benefits, so the company can provide an option to suit a wide range of applications.

Vegetable fibre and paper

Vegetable fibre, also known as Detroiter, is a cellulose fibre impregnated with a glycerin binder and protein glue. The advantages of this material include:

  • Heat resistance. It is suitable for temperatures up to 121 degrees C (250 degrees F). 
  • Resistance to liquids, air and other materials. Vegetable fibre is chemically treated to be resistant to oils, water, alcohol, grease, air, gas, gasoline and other solvents. 
  • Strength, compressibility and flexibility. The material is capable of bending around a rod with a diameter twice the thickness of the material without forming cracks, breaks or excess surface marring.  

Vegetable fibre is available in thinner gauges than most other gasket material, ranging from 0.006 inches to 0.187 inches. It is used in a range of sealing applications in the industrial, petroleum, petrochemical and automotive industries. 

In addition, fish paper, a strong dielectric paper, is available in sheet stock and custom parts. This is an electrical grade of vulcanized fibre. It has high mechanical strength and offers excellent resistance to heat and cold.


Cork insulates better, lasts longer, and is environmentally friendly and extremely light. For these reasons, these gaskets are used in the automotive industry for carburetors, fuel and oil pumps, thermostats and gearboxes. This material combines the compressibility of cork with the high resilience of rubber.

Cork is used for sumps, crank case covers, inspection doors, valve covers, electric transformer gaskets, electrical switchgear, general covers and lids, and anti-vibration purposes. 


Felt is made with multiple layers of 100 per cent wool. It is also flame retardant, self-extinguishing, and can absorb liquid up to four times its weight. Density relates to the hardness of felt: soft, medium or hard. This material can operate in ranges from -62 to 93 degrees C (-80 to 200 degrees F). A wide range of material hardness, thickness, durometers, colours and styles are available.

Felt is used for gaskets, seals, washers, strips, discs, spacers, vibration mounts, vipers, oil and grease retainers, dust and fuel filters, and wicking pads. 

All Custom Gasket provides full production capabilities, from prototype and short run quantities to large production runs, from its in-stock inventory of gasket material. 

For more information on the products available from All Custom Gasket, visit the company’s website.


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