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All Custom Gasket produces a wide range of custom parts.

All Custom Gasket is known for providing superior quality rubber and cut gaskets. However, the Mississauga, Ont.-based manufacturer offers so much more. The company produces a wide range of custom parts as it aims to exceed the unique sealing needs of its customers. 

Some of its custom offerings include:

  • O-rings: The most common type of seal used, o-rings are inexpensive, easy to use and reliable. In addition, they can be made in any size to suit a customer’s specific requirements for a wide range of applications — both static and dynamic.
  • Grommets: Designed to provide protection to wires and cables as they pass through an opening in an enclosure, grommets are available in many materials, sizes and shapes. 
  • Bellows: These protective covers are designed to keep equipment safe from punctures, abrasions, flames, sparks, acids, chemicals, dirt, dust and rocks. They are easy to install, and are available in different materials (neo-nylon, urethane or PVC) and sizes to suit a variety of environments. 
  • Teflon envelope gaskets: Made with PTFE, these gaskets are an ideal sealing solution for use in corrosive environments exposed to temperatures from -84 to 260 degrees C. Available in sizes ranging from ½ to 24 inches, the envelopes feature low minimum seating stresses, excellent creep resistance, high deformability and a choice of filler materials. 
  • Stress Saver gaskets: Ideal for use in non-metallic flange applications where low bolt load and chemical resistance are a concern, and where a PTFE envelope is not required, these gaskets feature a moulded raised rib design that helps to create a tight seal.
  • Allpax cutters: These cutters are used in the fabrication of flange gaskets. Applications include large power transformers and oil filled circuits; ammonia refrigeration and high pressure steam systems; steam, water and air lines aboard a supertanker; gaskets for the maintenance and repair of large tonnage commercial and industrial air conditioning units; turbines and compressors; and more. 
  • Dielectric inserts: Available in various sizes and types, these inserts are used to provide electrical isolation between the bolts and flanges on pipelines, or between dissimilar metals.
  • Tubing, hoses and sleeves: Designed to fit over flange bolts to properly seal flanges and prevent leakage, these products are available in a wide range of sizes and materials to meet varying application needs. 
  • Flange insulation kits: Used to maintain reliability of the pipeline and piping system by controlling losses due to corrosion, typical kits include a gasket, sleeves for bolt protection, and washers for nut protection. These components can be made from a variety of materials in a range of sizes (from ½  to 144 inches) to suit the specific application. 
  • Non-metallic moulded expansion joints: When inserted in a rigid piping system, these joints are used to absorb movement, improve thermal stability, reduce mechanical noise, relieve system strain, compensate for misalignment and eliminate electrolysis between dissimilar metals. They can be manufactured from a wide range of materials and in a variety of sizes to provide high performance and reliability in systems operating below 204 degrees C.
  • Topog-E Series moulded rubber gaskets: These gaskets are made to fit any steam boiler for handhole and manhole applications. Available in elliptical, oblong, round and oval sizes to meet the user’s exact needs, the gaskets are known for their high quality, exceptional performance and ease of installation and application. 

To discover more about its custom products, contact All Custom Gasket.


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