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All Custom Gasket has the capability to work with a wide range of sponge materials.

Whether you are looking for closed cell sponge or open cell foam, you can count on All Custom Gasket to deliver a wide range of sponge materials. Some of the options of foam include Poron, Ethafoam, Silicone sponge, Urethane foam, closed and open cell sponge.

These materials can be supplied in sheets, rolls, stripping or cut into various shapes with or without pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA).

Closed cell sponge is a fine cell structure that does not allow air or moisture to pass through. The benefits are:

  • Outstanding sound absorption;
  • Superior insulation against heat and cold; and
  • Good flotation properties.

This closed cell sponge is available in different thicknesses, supplied in various blends of Neoprene, EPDM and SBR, and supplied in different densities (soft, medium and firm).

Silicone sponges are generally impermeable to water, hence making it a good choice for water sealing applications. These silicone materials provide excellent ozone, weather and UV resistance. They are available in soft, medium and firm densities. The benefits are:

  • Very low compression set;
  • UV and weather resistance for both indoor and outdoor applications; and
  • Handles temperature extremes.

Ethafoam is a tough closed cell material. It is resilient, lightweight and resistant to moisture and chemicals. It will not creep under load and will absorb shocks and vibrations. It is available in both sheets and rods and various densities.

Cross link polyethylene is a very fine celled, smooth skinned foam. It has closed cells and can be provided in sheets of many densities and thicknesses. It is available in off white and black colour.

Poron is a flexible, microcellular foam with high density. It offers excellent low compression properties. This provides durability for long time performance in gasketing and cushioning. It is available is sheets, rolls gaskets, and stripping with or without adhesive.

Urethane foam is low density and is used in gaskets and insulation panels. It is available in sheets, rolls, gaskets, stripping and convoluted foam sets.

Open cell sponge is made of connected cells that allow air to pass through them. When compressed, they offer:

  • Shock absorption;
  • Cushioning;
  • Sound and vibration dampening; and
  • Good physical durability.

Acoustical foam is an open cell material used to reduce echoes. It acts as a noise barrier and is a sound absorption material. Acoustical foam is excellent in solving vibration and sound deadening problems, and is available in sheets, gaskets and rolls, with or without PSA.

All Custom Gasket's line of sponge materials is generally impermeable to water, which makes these products a good choice for weather stripping and sealing applications.

Contact All Custom Gasket for help in selecting the right sponge material for your application.


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