REDwire Custom fabricator provides quality service and product to petroleum industry

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In its 40-year history, Alps Welding has built thousands of vessels, systems and equipment for the petroleum industry — to customer specifications.

Since 1974, Alps Welding has been building petroleum industry equipment for a wide variety of applications, including those designed for sour service, high-tensile applications, corrosive environments or low temperature service. Over this time, the Woodbridge, Ont.-based custom fabricator has developed a reputation for tackling projects that have encountered problems or are under demanding deadlines, thanks to its superior customer service and ability to deliver quickly. 

“When projects experience unforeseen issues in supply or scheduling, we are often asked to come to the rescue,” the company says. “We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and flexibility in the work we perform.” 

In its 40-year history, Alps Welding’s team of highly skilled welders, engineers and fitters has built thousands of vessels, systems and equipment for the petroleum industry — from pressure vessels, flare stacks and flare drums to liquid seals and piping systems — all built to the customer’s specifications. The company uses more than 150 different welding procedures and is always growing its offered services. 

As a custom fabricator, the company can design and produce whatever the customer needs in a variety of materials — i.e., titanium, carbon steel, stainless steel and a wide variety of alloys, including Hastelloy, Monel and Inconel. But, the company says, it is much more than a custom fabrication shop. 

“We also provide engineering services to design and detail equipment, we can assemble equipment and handle your structural support requirements, or we can install electrical parts and instrumentation.”

One of the company’s past projects was a custom heater and storage tank that were designed to be stacked vertically. A proper fit was critical to the success of this project, and corrections would be extremely difficult to perform in the field. Its 55,000-square-foot fabrication facility and crane capabilities allowed the company to test fit the vessels inside its building before installing it in the field. The team utilizes laser inspection techniques to precisely measure the accuracy of the work. 

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