REDwire Custom fabricator is known for flexibility

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A liquid seal fabricated by Alps Welding

Alps Welding has earned a reputation for being able to take on any project. The company has the capability to fabricate large equipment, and a track record of successfully completing projects that have tight timelines or that have run into problems.

Large-scale capabilities 

Alps Welding has a large facility, with 30 feet "under the hook", and 70 tons of lifting capacity. This allows the company to take on projects that other fabricators cannot. When fabricating large equipment, this capability can help ensure a proper fit and alignment. For instance, when fabricating a heater and storage tank that were designed to be stacked on top of each other, Alps Welding was able to trial-fit the vessels in their proper orientation. This fit was critical and would be difficult to correct in the field. 

Meeting tight timelines

The company has been asked on multiple occasions to help recover a project from unforeseen issues in supply or scheduling. One example is when Alps Welding was asked to build a complex liquid seal in just five weeks. Typically, the lead time on the project would be twice as long. This project was under tight time constraints because another fabricator had begun the project but was failing to meet the schedule. Alps Welding took on the project and was able to complete it and have it delivered to the site on time.

Diverse project experience

In addition, the company works with a variety of materials to offer an option to suit the application. Whether it involves low temperatures, sour service or highly corrosive environments, Alps Welding can offer an appropriate solution. As a result of these capabilities, Alps Welding has extensive experience building a wide variety of equipment, from pressure vessels and piping systems to stacks and exchangers. 

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Alps Welding Ltd

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