REDwire CSA Group publishes its first guideline on whistleblowing systems

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The new whistleblowing guideline will help organizations establish and manage an effective mechanism for whistleblowing activities.

Reports show that whistleblowing is one of the most effective methods for identifying activities that could potentially cause harm to an organization. An effective whistleblowing system can also lead to reduced costs, better employee engagement, enhanced stakeholder confidence and improved performance.

It’s for these reasons that CSA Group is pleased to announce the publication of a new whistleblowing guideline, which is now available for free view access. 

Whistleblowing Systems – A Guide is developed to help organizations establish and manage an effective mechanism for whistleblowing activities. The guide provides a background on existing Canadian laws and codes as they relate to whistleblowing, as well as a summary of the key performance benefits associated with the implementation of a whistleblowing system. It also contains widely applicable principles that can be translated into appropriate mechanisms by a range of organizations. These topics include:

  • Guidance on developing internal systems for handling reports of suspected wrongdoing, mismanagement and unethical conduct;
  • An overview of some of the critical issues in developing an effective whistleblowing system;
  • Best practices on how to protect whistleblowers from reprisals;
  • Key considerations organizations should be mindful of in the development of their strategies; and
  • Critical elements and desired outcomes of an effective whistleblowing system.

Whistleblowing Systems – A Guide is now available on CSA Communities where users can register for free to receive view access to the guide, participate in related discussions and connect with industry experts.

To learn more about this guide, visit CSA Group’s website.


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