REDwire CSA Group helps manufacturers mitigate cybersecurity risks with new testing services

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CSA Group has launched new cybersecurity testing services.

In today’s increasingly connected world, innovation continues to drive the use of network-connected products and software that can provide numerous advantages and process efficiencies to businesses; however, there are also many cyber threats associated with this technology. A system breach, for example, can cause a major catastrophe.

CSA Group understands this, and recognizes the importance of demonstrating the safety and security of connected products to stakeholders. This is why the leading testing, certification and standards development organization recently launched new services for cybersecurity testing.

Cybersecurity services

CSA Group’s new cybersecurity services combine its well-established expertise in functional safety evaluation with its long history of working with emerging technologies. These services involve working closely with businesses of all sizes to develop tailored solutions that can help identify potential issues early in the product design phase, and implement security measures to mitigate potential cyber risk.

CSA Group can execute a series of testing solutions that help ensure a thorough cybersecurity evaluation. Its capabilities include:

  • Gap analysis: This service helps customers determine the overall areas of cybersecurity weakness in products or processes, as well as necessary improvements. 
  • Security Development Lifecycle Assurance (SDLA): This service helps customers stay ahead of potential security threats by addressing them early in the product lifecycle, before committing to production.
  • Embedded Device Security Assurance (EDSA): This service helps to provide third-party assurance on the security of embedded devices and its features, as well as the device supplier’s development process.
  • Bench testing: This includes testing against the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) database, product robustness and resilience against known cyber-attacks, as well as penetration testing, radio frequency testing and source code analysis.

“This comprehensive set of tests and evaluations are based on international standards, ISO 27000 Security Management Standards, IEC 62433 Cybersecurity Standards and NIST Guide 800 series,” says Stephen Brown, Director of Innovation for CSA Group. “These tests will provide greater assurance that the products being delivered to the market have the highest confidence against vulnerabilities.”

Additional details

Contact CSA Group to learn more about its global Cybersecurity Evaluation and Functional Safety Testing and Certifications solutions.


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