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Ohio Broach can easily create nearly any shape because it builds its own machinery and tooling.

Ohio Broach & Machine Company has the resources and expertise to perform in-house production contract broaching services. From internal broaching and the broaching of irregular shapes, to blind spline broaching and surface broaching, its capabilities enable it to broach nearly any shape.

T-shaped slots

Ohio Broach can create special T-shaped slots in one or two passes. For a two-pass cut, the first pass generates the slot and the second pass forms the top of the “T”. This shape can be broached using brass, steel and copper parts, as well as most other metals.

Hexes and squares

These shapes can be developed when there is a gap between the tools. This allows parts like hexes and squares, for example, to be indexed for complete broaching in one pass.

Irregular shapes

A variety of slots, angles, keyways and radii can be successfully broached in one or two passes using many types of material, including M-2 tool steel, 4340 steel and 1018 low carbon steel.

Teeth and serrations

Teeth and serrations of any size are easily created using broaching. For example, the large gear teeth on the round rack of a tractor power steering unit are cut in one pass, while the intricate serrations on the face and edge of a large tank motor mount can be cut by broaching, too. Cutting teeth on pocket knife saw blades can also be cut in one pass.

Additional shapes

Ohio Broach can easily create nearly any shape because it builds its own machinery and tooling. This enables it to broach gear forms, polygons, involute splines and plier forms, in addition to many other shapes. This also enables it to broach nearly all metals, including aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel and carbon steel, as well as non-metals like wood composites, plastic, hard rubber and graphite.

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