REDwire Create customized vinyl parts with ease thanks to online ‘Item Customizer’

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MOCAP’s online Item Customizer allows customers to create a vinyl product in just about any width, length and material colour.

For more than 35 years, MOCAP has been an industry leader in manufacturing quality dip-moulded vinyl, injection-moulded plastic and injection-moulded rubber caps for virtually every market. While many of these products are available in stock for quick delivery, the company’s vinyl-dip moulding process allows it to produce custom parts in various shapes and sizes to meet exact customer needs. This process is made easy with MOCAP’s online Item Customizer, which allows customers to create a vinyl product in just about any width, length and material colour.

How it works

The Item Customizer can be applied to a wide variety of MOCAP’s products, including its double dip vinyl grips, finger nub vinyl grips, flat caps and grips, high-temperature vinyl round caps, insertion plugs, nut plugs, pull tab caps and tapered plugs. The customizer is also applicable to the company’s pull tab and round vinyl caps, round vinyl grips, square caps, collar guards, corner covers, hanger and hex caps, as well as its flexible vinyl plugs.

To customize a product, simply select a product line in the Item Customizer to configure the custom part and get an instant price quote. For example, if you select round vinyl grips, first select the desired inside round diameter from a range of options, followed by the desired length and colour. Then, select the desired quantity. Users will be able to see the final cost and expected shipment time before finalizing the purchase.

This helps to simplify the ordering process for customers, while allowing them to select a product that meets their exact needs.

A leading manufacturer

MOCAP offers caps, plugs, grips, tapes, tubing and netting to satisfy its customers’ product protection, masking and finishing needs. To learn more about the broad range of products available, contact MOCAP.



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