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Mobile shelving from Redirack is efficient and economical.

Redirack offers a variety of storage solutions for warehouses and businesses with limited space. Mobile shelving systems are one such solution, as they provide an affordable and efficient way to add storage space to facilities. When compared to traditional static shelving units, this high-density storage method increases space utilization by up to 200 per cent.   

Mobile shelving 

Redirack’s mobile shelving systems are mounted to bases that glide easily along a track. The shelves are easy to move by hand thanks to the ball bearing wheels on the mobile bases.

In standard installations, the shelves are made using Redirack’s no bolt shelving. But for an even more economical solution, mobile systems can make use of existing metal shelving, or can be used in combination with static shelving to make the best possible use of space. Mobile shelving systems can be up to a maximum of 12 feet tall.
Safety features

All of Redirack’s shelving is designed to ensure safety. For instance, mobile shelving systems include brakes to prevent unintended movement, and an anti-tip protection device. In addition, to ensure the track does not pose a tripping hazard, it is installed flush with the floor and has a very small profile.

An industry leader

Redirack has more than 60 years of experience providing storage solutions, from mobile, used, heavy-duty and wide-span shelving, to pallet racking. It also provides picking systems, safety and security equipment, and more. 

The company is known for its knowledgeable representatives, innovative system design, and unparalleled engineering support. Redirack and its affiliates employ more engineers, designers and technical sales reps than any other racking company in Canada. 

For more information on mobile shelving systems, contact Redirack.


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