REDwire Corrugated plastic packaging: the single best logistics strategy revealed

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Corrugated plastic is made from a dual layer of polypropylene sheets that are lightweight yet strong.

Did you know that using corrugated plastic packaging can save your logistics business the precious and scarce resources of time, money and the environment?

As with any organization, logistics companies are no exception when it comes to seeking effective and efficient ways to boost a business’ bottom line.

Many are also on trend to adopt corporate social responsibilities as a way to consider ethical, environmental and social impacts made by their business.

The financial and environmental cost of shipping and handling is one such impact that the logistics industry continually look to minimize.

Discover how your company can be ahead of the pack by using corrugated plastic as a form of returnable packaging, which will pay dividends to your business and to the environment.

The science behind corrugated plastic

Corrugated plastic is made from a dual layer of polypropylene sheets that are both lightweight yet strong at the same time thanks to its cellular construction.

The flat, top layer protects the vertically-ribbed second layer, which equals to a lightweight, heavyweight combo of combined strength to resist damage from external elements.

With its oil-resistant and fiber-free properties, corrugated plastic is the packaging material of choice because of its combined durability, reusability and versatility.

Returnable packaging equals high return on investment

Businesses will notice significant savings when choosing returnable packaging solutions.

Instead of shipping or handling goods in one-time-use packaging such as traditional cardboard boxes or other types of plastic materials, choose corrugated plastic packaging options such as boxes, bins, crates, sleeves or totes.

Opting for multiple use packaging such as corrugated plastic eliminates the costs and trips to dispose single-use packaging at drop-off facilities or depots.

A big advantage of corrugated plastic packaging is in its impact-resistant design.

Cut the cost of delivering or receiving damaged goods due to improper or inadequate packaging materials by packing precious or fragile merchandise in a corrugated-made container to ensure items are delivered undamaged during transit.

Nature’s best kind plastic

The eco-friendly nature of polypropylene can securely transport goods from agricultural produce to pharmaceutical supplies.

The fiber-free material integrated into corrugated plastic packaging allows them to be used in clean environments, which is beneficial alternative to paper board base products.

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