REDwire Coriolis mass flow meter offers high degree of accuracy

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Thanks to its unobstructed, open flow design, this Coriolis mass flow meter can be used to measure many types of fluid.

The RCT1000 is a highly accurate Coriolis mass flow meter from Badger Meter. Available in Canada from Durham Instruments, this meter is designed to identify flow rate by directly measuring mass flow and density of fluids over a broad range of process temperatures.


Thanks to its unobstructed, open flow design, this mass flow meter can be used to measure many types of fluid. For example, for homogeneous fluids consisting of two components like sugar and water, the RCT1000 can derive the concentration and mass of each component based on fluid properties and density measurement. It is also suitable for use with vegetable oils and fats, adhesives, glues or binding materials, homogeneous suspensions and slurries, coatings and hardeners, dyes, fragrances, vitamins and other additives, as well as other viscous, non-conductive fluids that are difficult to measure with other technologies. 

How it works

Coriolis flow meters have the capability to measure mass flow rate, density and temperature at the same time. As fluid flows through the unit’s vibrating sensor tube, forces induced by the flow cause the tube to twist slightly. These small deflections are measured by carefully placed sensors. A phase shift occurs between sensor signals that is directly proportional to mass flow rate. As the fluid density varies, the sensors also measure the resonant frequency at which the tube vibrations change. Larger sensors have two tubes that are vibrated in opposing directions to reduce the effect of process vibration on the flow measurement. Temperature is measured by an internal RTD to calculate thermal effects on the tube vibrating frequency.

Additional advantages

The meter includes console software, which allows users to obtain advanced data logging and performance trending analysis, as well as system verification. With no internal moving parts, the vibrating tube design has little impact on mechanical wear, which results in fewer repairs than many other flow technologies, and a longer life expectancy. 

To learn more about this highly accurate meter, contact Durham Instruments


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