REDwire Core drilling, Part 2: Questions you need answered

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When precise drilling of holes is required in metalwork pieces, a core drilling system may be the answer.

When precise drilling of holes is required in metalwork pieces, a core drilling system may be the answer. 

Fein Power Tool Company has compiled a list of frequently asked questions related to core drilling and — more importantly — the company has provided the answers.  

In Part 1, the company answered questions related to the operation and maintenance of the tool. Part 2 builds on that with more questions and answers about operating and handling the tool, in addition to overcoming issues.  

Why should I use a centring drill?

To find the exact centre of the drill hole, and to eject the drill core.

What should I note when drilling?

Position the drill with care and drill through in one go wherever possible. Do not switch the tool off during drilling, otherwise the blades may break loose. Before the drill is withdrawn from an incomplete drill hole, let the tool run briefly at the bottom of the hole without removing any material. This will break the chips forming at the bottom of the hole. Always withdraw the drill from the hole with the tool running clockwise.

What should I do if the drill gets stuck?

Switch off the drill motor. Carefully turn the core drill to the right and draw out with an open-ended spanner.

What problems can arise with core drilling?

The high temperatures experienced near welded seams or separating cuts made by cutting torches may result in structural changes, which may cause the core drill to wear very quickly. In the case of overlapping holes, the core drill may catch at the transition between the existing drill hole and the new one. The blades may, therefore, break loose.

What should I note when storing and transporting core drills?

The core drill should only be transported and stored in its original packaging or at the intended position in the transport box. Core drills should be protected from impact, otherwise the blades may become blunt and/or break loose.

Fein offers a core drilling system for metal in which machine, core bits and accessories are precisely matched to each other. For more information, contact Fein Canada


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