REDwire Cords Canada’s push-in fasteners and rivets offer easy installation

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Nylon rivets are available from Cords Canada.

Cords Canada, a Toronto-based distributor of industrial components, offers a wide range of push-in fasteners and rivets that offer convenience, versatility and high quality.

Wide selection

Many different types of push-in fasteners are available, including dugouts, wall anchors, belly buttons, shutter pins and ratcheting rivets. The selection includes both reusable and permanent fasteners. These products are available in a broad range of sizes, including various prong lengths, thicknesses, head diameters and head styles. For example, Plasti-Rivets can be supplied with round, binder, barrel or truss head styles. These different styles provide options to meet customers’ requirements for appearance, flush mounting, load distribution or panel spacing. 

Push-in fastener features

Push-in fasteners offer fast and easy installation. Often, no tools are required. Many of these fasteners are made from nylon, so they offer resistance to corrosion, vibration and abrasion. In addition, because they are non-metallic, the fasteners can be used for applications that require electrical insulation.

Push-in fasteners can also be used as a versatile, low cost replacement for screws and other components. For instance, dugouts from Cords Canada can be used to conveniently and securely hold a variety of materials — all they require is a round hole. These fasteners compress as they are pushed into the hole and then snap back to their original shape. They are perfect for fastening gaskets, nameplates and lightweight panels to other components.

Product expertise

Cords Canada carries major product lines and brands from leading suppliers to provide the wide selection the company is known for. Those manufacturers are carefully chosen to ensure all Cords Canada products are top quality. The company’s push-in fasteners and rivets are no different, as they are provided by such top manufacturers as Richco and ITW Fastex. For more information, contact Cords Canada.


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