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Cords Canada shows how company websites can simplify things for customers.

The Cords Canada website provides a range of helpful and convenient features for customers. The features include a searchable catalogue, links to currency converters and order tracking, and online forms that make RFQs and sample requests fast and easy. 


Cords Canada provides a comprehensive product listing on its website. Customers can view and download the full catalogue or narrow down their search in a number of ways. For instance, the website includes a search bar, links to each catalogue section, and a full index of specific products. Alternatively, customers can view a listing of Cords Canada suppliers and information on their products. 

This easy-to-navigate online catalogue is especially important for Cords Canada, as the company stocks millions of parts for use in a wide range of applications. The company often supplies industrial fasteners and components to industries ranging from electrical and HVAC to chemical and food processing.


The website provides customers with helpful information. One example is a link to the Bank of Canada’s currency converter. This is useful, as Cords Canada serves a variety of markets across North America and beyond. In addition, the website allows customers to track the status of their order by either the invoice number or UPS tracking number. The website also keeps customers informed of the company’s latest offerings with the “what’s new” section.


Once customers have an idea of what they’re looking for, the website makes the purchasing process a breeze. It includes online forms for RFQs, sample requests and purchase orders. Customers can even make a credit application online. To be eligible for credit, customers must have been in business for at least a year and have an order of $100 or more with Cords Canada.

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The Cords Canada website is an example of how a company can use the web to make things easy for customers. So, when you’re looking for industrial components or fasteners of any type, visit the Cords Canada website.


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