REDwire Cords Canada supplies versatile bushings, sleeves and grommets from Nyltite

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Nyltite products are available from Cords Canada.

Cords Canada is known for its extensive inventory of fasteners and components from leading manufacturers, including Nyltite, a manufacturer of a broad selection of extruded nylon fastener components. This selection includes bushings, sleeves and rolled collars. 


The company makes versatile snap bushings that can serve many purposes. Depending on the application, snap bushings from Nyltite can act as a bushing, grommet, bearing, mechanical isolator or electrical insulator. The snap bushing is designed to stay securely in place with no pressure. 

Nyltite also offers double wall bushings, which can be used as a sleeve bushing, feed-through protector or liner thanks to their increased abrasion resistance. These bushings can also be used as an isolator or insulator. An advantage of the double wall design is that it allows more forgiveness when attaching to a mating part because clearances may be larger, allowing the nylon to compress to fill voids.


Nyltite’s headed sleeve can be used to create an ideal seal and fastener when used with a screw or rivet. Alternatively, these sleeves can be installed into a hole without a fastener to function as a grommet, bushing, bearing, hole liner, isolator and insulator. The sleeve incorporates a shank that extends into the hole, providing ample material for the fastener/material interface. The Nyltite headed sleeve minimizes any need for product redesigns to accommodate it, as it is the thinnest, lightest option on the market. 

The company also carries unheaded sleeves. This tough, thin-wall, nylon tubing can be cut to the length required for the application, whether they are used as spacers, grommets, bushings, bearings or insulators for screws and solderless connections. 

Rolled collars

Nyltite offers rolled collars that act as vibration isolators and absorbers for screws, nuts, rivets and other fasteners. What sets Nyltite rolled collars apart from conventional washers is their lock-and-seal design. Thanks to the structurally strong outer rim, when the washer is compressed by a fastener, the nylon is forced to flow inwards. This design ensures the screw head, shank and workpiece are filled with plastic material, forming an excellent lock and seal. 

More information

For additional details on Nyltite products, or any of the other parts stocked by Cords Canada, visit the company’s website.

Cords Canada supplies a wide variety of industrial fasteners and components, stocking millions of parts in nylon, as well as other plastics, metals and materials from many leading manufacturers. 


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