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Cords Canada Ltd.

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Adhesive nylon wire clips from Cords Canada

Cords Canada is known for maintaining an extensive inventory, and the company takes pride in that fact.

“We stock millions of parts for use in almost every application,” the Toronto-based company says on its website.

Among the company’s vast lineup of fasteners and components is a wide variety of clamps and clips

Clamp and clip overview

The different types of clips the company can supply includes heavy duty, adhesive backed, black nylon, tree, shelf dart, and nail-in varieties. The clamps available include hose clamps, clamp kits, cable clamps, push mount clamps, and more. 

Cords Canada can supply these products in a wide range of sizes and styles. For instance, the company offers Christmas tree clips with many options. It has point styles, including blunt, conical, round, triangle or special slotted. Available head types include flat, round, truss or crowned.

Product details

Here are some details on various types of clips and clamps available:

  • Adhesive nylon wire and cable clips: These clips have a foamed polyurethane adhesive backing. They are designed to offer high bond strength, conformability, and resistance to solvents and high temperature. The clips are easy to use as they are supplied on perforated liner strips in sets ranging from six to 10 clips. 
  • Push on clip fastener: This design uses a screw and wing nut combination that allows push on installation. The clip is removable and reusable, and is often used in the construction of signs and displays. It can be manufactured in clear or black polycarbonate.
  • Acetal tube and hose clamp: This non-metallic clamp offers a number of beneficial properties. It will never rust and will not be corroded by seawater. It is non-conducting and offers great chemical stability. The clamp will stand up to oil, gasoline, bases, grease and alcohols. Installation is easy with a quick ratchet closure.
  • Cable clamp labkit: Cords Canada also offers kits that contain an assortment of clamps. For example, the Labkit 5 is a collection of cable clamps. It includes nine different models of clamps with approximately 100 pieces in total. 

For more information on its lineup of clamps and clips, contact Cords Canada.


Cords Canada Ltd.

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