REDwire Cords Canada offers many types of liquid-tight connectors

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Liquid-tight tubing is available from Cords Canada.

Cords Canada can provide a wide range of liquid-tight connectors, conduit and fittings. The available selection includes tubing, conduit, slit tubing, grommets, washers, mounting brackets, knock-out seals, locknuts, snap-in or quick twist connectors, and more.

Liquid-tight conduit

Cords Canada can supply liquid-tight conduit made from flexible PVC. It will resist water, oil, acid, metal shavings, abrasion and corrosion. The conduit features a smooth interior for easy wire pulling without harming conductors. It has a rugged design that will stand up to abuse, pulling and crushing. Liquid tight tubing is also available that offers the same features, but provides more flexibility.

Snap-in connectors

The company offers snap-in connectors that allow conduits to be connected and disconnected quickly. To assemble these connectors, all that is required is to push the conduit or tubing onto the ferrule and tighten the domed sealing nut. Then the completed assembly can be snapped into the chassis with fingertip pressure. This design eliminates the need for threading the conduit or tubing, and avoids cutting the conduit and creating leak paths. These connectors are completely reusable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Sealing washers

Cords Canada offers sealing washers made from thermoplastic elastomer. These washers feature double sealing ridges that can compensate for minor imperfections at the enclosure. They provide a seal that is liquid, oil and dust tight at the enclosure. Installation is easy since these washers seal off at the perimeter, instead of on the connector threads. They are suitable for use in wet locations that require a separate gasket between the box and fitting.

Complete selection

There are many benefits to choosing Cords Canada to supply these products. including the fact that the company has a wide selection. In addition, Cords Canada prides itself on the ability to track down any part for its customers.

“When they don't see what they need in our catalogues or can't find it elsewhere on their own, they ask us and we hunt it down for them. This is where our service is unique in the industry,” the company explains. 

For more information on Cords Canada and its wide product selection, visit the company website.


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