REDwire Cords Canada offers ties, clips and wire management hardware from Thomas&Betts

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Thomas&Betts cable ties include TwistTail, Ty-Rap and Catamount brands.

Cords Canada is recognized for its vast selection of wire and cable management products. The distributor has product lines from many leading companies, including Thomas&Betts, a manufacturer of plastic hardware, ties, serrated grommeting and adhesive clips.

Manufacturing expertise

Thomas&Betts products are used in hundreds of applications in wire management, cable protection, power connection and more. Its solutions range from connectors, fasteners, terminals and wiring duct, to insulation, grounding and switchgear. The company has experience serving many diverse markets, including mining, oil and gas, food processing, power generation and chemical processing.

Product features

Thomas&Betts offers many wire management products, such as TwistTail cable ties. These ties are designed for fast and easy installation with no need for tools. Once the tie is installed, the excess tail can be easily removed by bending it and then twisting it off.  They are made from nylon 6.6, and are suitable for use in temperatures up to 105 degrees C. These ties are weather and ultraviolet resistant, so they can be used for outdoor applications. 

In addition, the company can provide Ty-Rap brand cable ties, known for their superior strength and durability. They feature a stainless steel locking device and a smooth, notchless body for fewer stress points. Another option for cable ties from Thomas&Betts is Catamount brand general purpose cable ties. They are designed for low insertion force, which ensures ease of installation and avoids damaging the wire, as well as the installer’s hands.

More details 

Cords Canada is the exclusive distributor for many top brands. In addition to its solutions for wire and cable, the company offers a wide range of products such as plugs, bumpers, hose, screws, nuts, bolts and packaging tubes. To learn more about the range of fasteners and components available, visit the company's website.


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