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Cords Canada stocks a broad selection of products from Thogus.

Cords Canada stocks a broad selection of products from Thogus, a leading manufacturer of plastic parts. Some of the products available include hose and tube fittings such as adapters, connectors, elbows and tees. The manufacturer also supplies a variety of bundlers, guides and supports for tube and wire.

Product selection

Thogus makes a wide variety of injection moulded plastic parts. The company’s product offering includes more than 1,200 proprietary fittings for tubes and hoses. Some of the fitting types the company often supplies include nuts and caps, plugs and reducer bushings.

According to the company, these plastic fittings offer a number of advantages over metallic alternatives. Some of the benefits include that they are low cost, lightweight, corrosion resistant, and have non-conductive properties.

The full selection of plastic tube and hose fittings available from Cords Canada includes swivel adapters, reducing connectors, miniature fittings and luer valves, among others.

Thogus expertise

Thogus has been in business since 1950. The family owned company has gained experience meeting the specialized requirements for a wide range of industries. Some of the markets Thogus products are used in include electronics, health care, aerospace and plumbing. According to the company, it has earned a reputation for developing innovative and reliable solutions. 

“Thogus is known throughout the industry for manufacturing outstanding fittings.”

The company has a variety of industry certifications, including ISO 9002, QS 9000, NMBC, FDA, NSF and RoHS. 

Leading suppliers

Cords Canada says it is the ideal fastener source because it offers many products from leading manufacturers

“We're your friendly, knowledgeable, best source for industrial fasteners and components in nylon, other plastics, metals and other materials. Cords is the exclusive and/or prime distributor for many top industrial brands.”

Customers can have confidence in products from Cords Canada, as almost all of its manufacturers are ISO and RoHS certified. Besides hose and tube fittings, Cords Canada provides many products such as ties, clamps, bushings, washers, spacers, rivets, screws, push-in fasteners and strain reliefs.

For more information on Thogus products and the wide selection available from Cords Canada, visit the company website.


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