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Cords Canada Ltd.

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Versatile fasteners from Avery Dennison are available from Cords Canada.

Avery Dennison is renowned for developing innovative fastening solutions such as the Swiftach system. The Swiftach was revolutionary in the 1960s when the company invented it as a quick and economical way to fasten tags to garments. Since then, the manufacturer has continued to develop the system, and it is now used in many applications as a replacement for glue, tape, string or twist ties.  

Tag fasteners

Cords Canada can supply the Swiftach system, which includes a lightweight and durable hand tool that is comfortable to use. The Swiftach is ideal for applications ranging from product assembly, to attaching identification tags for fish and livestock. 

The fasteners come in a variety of sizes and styles, including loop, hook, T-end and button end. The system is available in general purpose and heavy-duty varieties, and lengths ranging from 0.5 up to five inches. It also offers tensile strength of up to nine pounds. In addition, a Swiftach fine fabric product family is available for applications involving soft, delicate goods, or that require a smaller fastener filament.

Cords Canada can also provide the hand tools for Swiftach systems. The Mark II hand tool is available in scissor-grip and pistol-grip styles, and the company can supply replacement needles.

Manufacturer expertise

The Swiftach system is manufactured by the Fastener Division of Avery Dennison. The company is known internationally as a leader in attaching solutions. It supplies a variety of innovative plastic fasteners and efficient product tagging systems. 

Avery Dennison is certified to ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and ISO/TS 16949:2002. The company is also RoHS compliant. 

To learn more about the Avery Dennison products available from Cords Canada, visit the company website.


Cords Canada Ltd.

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