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Nylon machine screws are available from Cords Canada.

Nylon machine screws of many types are available from Cords Canada. 

When compared to their metallic counterparts, these screws offer a number of advantages. Nylon screws are lightweight and anti-corrosive. In addition, they provide vibration dampening, electrical and thermal insulation, and can conform to irregular surfaces. Lastly, they are non-marring and are resistant to friction and abrasion. 

All nylon parts are subject to subtle changes in size caused by moisture loss and gain, but this does not pose a problem for nylon screws. Thanks to their flexibility, they are forgiving of tolerance lapses.

Wide selection

Some of the different machine screw head types available in nylon include round, pan, hex, set, binding, fillister, slotted hex, slotted thumb and slotted grub. Cords Canada has a large stock of machine screws that are also available in metric sizes. The company's selection of nylon machine screws are moulded from nylon 6/6 Dupont Zytel 101. This is a high-performance and cost-effective material that offers strength and durability.  

The company also offers nylon screws with metal cores. These screws have a hardened, cadmium-plated corrugated steel core that provides added strength, with a moulded nylon exterior for all the beneficial characteristics of non-metallic screws. They have recessed metal heads that allow for adequate torque and can be driven with power tools. They are ideal for applications that call for thermal, electrical or vibration insulation, as well as double-shear connections, and they have up to four times the strength of standard nylon screws. For example, a 1/4-20 metal-cored screw can provide double-shear breaking strengths of 1,600 pounds. 

Additional details 

Cords Canada is a Toronto-based distributor that offers industrial fasteners and components from many top manufacturers. For more information about its comprehensive lineup, contact Cords Canada.


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