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Cords Canada offers air tools for strain relief assembly.

A variety of tools are available from Cords Canada. While the Toronto-based distributor is known for its wide selection of industrial fasteners and components, the tools it supplies can save its customers time, labour and money in applications ranging from product assembly to cable tie tensioning and tag attaching.  

Strain relief tools

Cords Canada offers air tools for strain relief assembly. A hand air tool is available that will eliminate operator fatigue and improve assembly rates. The company can also supply a kit that makes it easy to convert this tool into a bench-mounted unit. This allows the tool to be mounted in a convenient position and activated using a foot pedal, so the operator's hands are free.

A line of hand pliers are also available for the assembly of various types of strain relief bushings. For example, R30 model adjustable hand pliers are designed for use with strain relief bushings on hole-diameters of 3/4 inches or larger. Alternatively, the R100 model hand pliers are designed specifically for Lockit strain reliefs.

Swiftach hand tools

As a distributor of Swiftach systems, Cords Canada offers Mark II hand tools for use with Swiftachments. These fastening devices are used for a variety of applications, including packaging, product assembly, attaching ID tags and item pairing.

Cable tie tensioners

Cords Canada also offers hand tools for cable tie tensioning. They include several models with durable metal construction and three different tension settings. These tools can automatically trim any excess off the cable tie as the operator squeezes the handle. Also available is the Twist Trim tool, which trims the cable tie with a twist of the wrist. It is available in a heavy-duty version.

For more information on the products available, visit the Cords Canada website.


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