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Masking products for many applications are available from Cords Canada.

Cords Canada can supply a variety of specialized masking products, including finishing discs, flange covers and silicone tape. These products offer an affordable and reliable way to protect products during finishing operations, such as painting and coating. 

Masking products

The company's selection of finishing discs includes several types: painting discs, plating discs and powder coating discs. Painting discs are made from heat-resistant crepe paper with adhesive backing. These discs can withstand temperatures of up to 149 degrees C (300 degrees F). When removed after painting, the discs leave a clean line, as they do not allow any paint to creep under the edges. In addition, the adhesive backing will not leave any residue behind or cause staining.

Plating discs offer more resistance to chemicals than similar vinyl discs, and they resist curling and shrinking. They will last for up to one hour at 93 degrees C (200 degrees F).

Powder coating discs offer additional durability. They are made from extra thick polyester, and can be used in temperatures of 218 degrees C (425 degrees F) for up to one hour.

In addition, Cords Canada supplies silicone tape for masking irregular shapes. It is self-sticking and uses no adhesive, meaning there is no mess. The tape can be simply applied by hand with no need for tools or heat.

Flange covers are available made from tough, resilient vinyl. These covers can protect flange faces and prevent contamination or interior damage. They are built to fit most Navy, Military and American Standard Association sizes. They can be used with most types of tubing, including flared, beaded and Marman. 

More solutions from Cords Canada

A wide range of other caps, covers and protectors are available from Cords Canada. Besides finishing operations, these products are also used to protect products during storage or shipping. 

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