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Cords Canada supplies all types of plastic knobs for use in many different applications.

A wide variety of plastic knobs for utility, industrial and cookware applications are available from Cords Canada. The distributor can supply these products from Davies Molding, an experienced and renowned manufacturer. Davies Molding has been providing knob, handles and custom plastic components since 1933.

Knob selection

Over the years, Davies Molding has developed the most extensive line of standard plastic knobs available. The many options include more than 600 products and 9,000 variations in size, shape, colour and inserts. Some of the available types include ball, bar, clamping, control, lever and push/pull.

  • Ball knobs are available in many varieties, including both thermoplastic and phenolic materials. The standard diameters range from 43/64 inches to 2-⅜ inches. They are used on everything from valves and spigots to lawn mowers.
  • Bar and T-knobs are both functional and stylish. They come in more than 20 different shapes and options, including female insert, projecting stud or thru-hole. 
  • Clamping knobs can be supplied in shapes ranging from three arm to nine lobe, round fluted, knurled scalloped and more. They are designed to provide strong grip and secure control.
  • Control knob styles include instrument, pointer, skirted and two-shot instrument. More than 25 types of instrument control knobs are available.
  • Lever knobs from Davies Molding feature a combination of function, appearance and ergonomics. From hydraulic levers to hospital beds, these knobs are used for a broad variety of applications.
  • Push/pull knobs are available in a complete range of styles, shapes and sizes. For use in cookware and other high heat applications, these knobs use heat-resistant phenolic material.

Manufacturer expertise

Davies Molding has the capability to make top quality knobs engineered to meet practically any requirement. The company is ISO 9001 certified, as well as RoHS and REACH compliant. 

For more information on the products available from Cords Canada, visit the company's website.


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