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Nylon machine screws from Cords Canada

Cords Canada is known for its wide selection, as it stocks millions of parts from many top manufacturers. Screws, nuts and bolts are among its offerings. 

Product selection

Cords Canada can supply a broad range of nylon screws. Some of the available head types include pan, hex, set, flat, binding and fillister. These screws are available in metric sizes.

The company can also offer a range of nylon screws with metal cores. Ideal for applications that require insulation against vibrations, electricity and heat in shear or double shear connections, these screws feature a corrugated hardened steel core that is cadmium plated. They offer up to four times the strength of traditional nylon fasteners. The screws also have recessed metal heads that enable adequate torque and can be installed with power drivers. They are available in round, fillister, flat and round washer head types.

The company’s wide selection of fasteners also includes hex bolts, carriage bolts, nails, thumb screws, threaded rod, unthreaded rod, wing nuts, cap nuts, thumb nuts, hex pipe nuts, locknuts, panel nuts, flange nuts, expansion nuts, and licence plate nut and bolt sets.

Product features

Nylon fasteners offer a number of benefits in addition to their insulating properties. For example, Cords Canada can supply moulded nylon nails that are ideal for applications where sparks are a concern. Nylon nails are also completely weather-proof and non-staining. They are recommended for applications such as fibreglass roofing, siding and marine construction. Also, when compared to metal, nylon fasteners are more forgiving of tolerance lapses, misalignments or irregular holes.

To learn more about Cords Canada’s wide selection of screws, nuts and bolts, visit the company's website.


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