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All types of Gripworks grips are available from Cords Canada.

Cords Canada can supply a variety of products from Gripworks, a manufacturer specializing in plastic and foam hand grips and sleeves.

Gripworks has a wide selection of standard grips, as well as knowledgeable engineers and toolmakers who can design grips with the ideal features for a particular product. According to the manufacturer, selecting the right grip is essential for making a good first impression.

“The customer’s first contact with your product is likely to be the grip. You want this contact point to make a lasting impression, and you want it to look great.”

Using the high-quality grips available from Cords Canada is one way to help accomplish this goal.

Grip options

Many styles of standard vinyl grips are available, including nubbed styles for a more secure grip, hanger styles for easy storage, as well as ribbed, contoured or double dipped styles for added visual appeal.

The company also uses many different material formulations to get the customer’s desired look and feel for their grip, whether it’s glossy, textured, soft, brushed or “velvet-like”.

The needs for hand grips vary greatly depending on the application. For instance, grips for fitness equipment should be comfortable and relaxing. In contrast, grips used for gardening tools need durability and weather resistance. The many options available from Gripworks ensure that an ideal solution for any product can be found.
Manufacturer capabilities

Gripworks has been making high-quality hand grips for more than 50 years. It offers a broad selection of standard grips, including all styles, as well as both moulded and extruded products. The company has an in-house machine shop that manufacturers tooling onsite. In addition, all of the materials the company uses are compounded onsite. These capabilities allow Gripworks to have excellent control over all phases of production. 

For more information on the Gripworks products it carries, contact Cords Canada.


Cords Canada Ltd.

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