REDwire Cords Canada carries hardware and fasteners from Micro Plastics

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Cords Canada can supply a range of plastic fasteners and hardware from Micro Plastics.

A variety of plastic hardware and fasteners made by Micro Plastics is available from Cords Canada.

The manufacturer has been making quality plastic fasteners for more than 50 years. It is certified to ISO 9001:2008, and complies with RoHS, WEEE and REACH. The company's product offerings range from nuts, bolts and thumb screw knobs, to wire handling hardware.

Press-Loc thumb screw knobs

Micro Plastics offers a variety of plastic knobs for thumb screws. These knobs are easy to install on standard fasteners, such as socket head cap screws. Thanks to the Press-Loc design, they simply press on to attach securely. The company also offers complete thumb screws, which feature knobs that have been moulded to the fastener and include wing, flowerette and round head styles. Press-Loc knobs are made from Acetal, while the moulded fasteners are made from nylon 6.

Screws, bolts and rod

Plastic fasteners are also available, including screws, bolts and threaded rod of many types. Some examples include hex bolts, eye bolts, many types of machine screws and metal core fasteners.

Metal core fasteners consist of a nylon shell covering a reinforcing core made from high carbon steel. These fasteners offer the best of both worlds, including the vibration dampening, corrosion resistance and dielectric insulation of plastic, coupled with the strength of steel.

Wire management

Micro Plastics’ selection of wire management products includes many types of hardware — strain relief bushings, twist locks, spiral wraps and more. The company’s patented line of EZ wire handling hardware features fast and simple installation. For example, EZ strain relief bushings have a hinged design that allows them to split in half for easy folding over the wire or cable. There is no need for special orientation or alignment. They are simply locked into place in one smooth motion using conventional strain relief pliers.

Cords Canada selection

Cords Canada maintains a vast stock of fasteners and components from leading manufacturers. The company’s website provides a comprehensive catalogue that makes it easy for customers to find the parts they need. 

To learn more, contact Cords Canada.


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