REDwire Cordless screwdriver keeps assembly lines moving

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The QX Series Cordless Precision Screwdriver is available from Dobco Equipment.

Dobco Equipment is a preferred distributor for Ingersoll Rand products in Canada, carrying a wide selection of the manufacturer’s top quality tools. Among the lineup is its QX Series Cordless Precision Screwdriver, a valuable tool for any assembly line.

Features and advantages

The QX Series Cordless Precision Screwdriver comes equipped with many best-in-class features that enhance control, performance and comfort. One of the key features is a multi-function display and keypad, which offers quick setup and visual feedback, enhancing precision and traceability. Users can program the tool simply by using the keypad, USB port or wirelessly with the ICS software. In addition, onboard control boards eliminate the requirement for an external controller, resulting in savings.

The units also offer flexibility and versatility, allowing eight different configurations to be programmed by the user, and adjustable speeds up to 1500 RPM. The DC brushless motor incorporated in the tool features a durable design that is ideal for production assembly applications. Additional features that enhance performance include 20-volt Lithium-Ion batteries that deliver high charge capacity and maximum runtime, and cycle status indicators that use bright LED lights.

For users, the QX Series also offers comfort due to its lightweight and balanced design.

Thanks to its many features, this single tool has the capability to perform the tasks of multiple tools, making it a top choice for assembly lines looking for efficient solutions.

A preferred distributor

Ingersoll Rand is among the many leading manufacturers that call Dobco Equipment a preferred distributor in Canada. Companies can rely on Dobco to provide high-quality tools, and have the expertise to know which tool is the best option for the application. Dobco’s unique ability to sell tools, and service the tools it sells, sets it apart from its competitors.

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