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Rotem offers a variety of coolant systems and accessories from leading manufacturers.

Rotem offers a variety of coolant systems and accessories from such top brands as Chipblaster, Eriez, Micromag, Aeroex, NexJen and Misco. This wide selection of high-quality products is designed to meet the needs of metalworking manufacturers across Canada.

Chipblaster coolant systems

Rotem can supply high pressure coolant systems, mist collection systems, coolant chillers, coolant filtration and self-cleaning conveyors from Chipblaster. The lineup includes the company’s Skimblaster for the removal of tramp oil, the standalone and machine-mounted Chipchiller, Swissblaster high pressure coolant for Swiss machines, Mistblaster for vapour removal, and Centrablast for coolant filtration.

Eriez Unimix XL

The company also carries the Eriez Unimix XL for automatic coolant metering and mixing. This unit features an innovative design that enables pinpoint accuracy. Its positive displacement proportioning pump allows it to provide accurate measurements and dispense coolant at user-set concentrated amounts. The unit is also easy to install and configure.

Micromag magnetic filter

This compact filter is constructed of stainless steel, aluminum and SAN housings, which makes it easy to clean. It offers flow rates up to 150 litres per minute, and is available in a variety of models with the capacity to hold up to four kilograms of contamination. Models are also available with up to an 80-kilogram operating pressure bar, as well as operating temperatures up to 140 degrees C.

Aeroex mist collectors

ARO multi-stage oil mist collectors separate mist in progressive stages to reduce the chance of plugging. The filters on these units feature a cross-flow design, which means that airflow is horizontal and the oil drains down. They can operate 24-7 to remove mist, smoke and bacteria, and are ideal for high pressure coolant and oil.

NexJen coalescer

The NexJen C-Thru oil separator features a seam-free durable tank. It is extremely chemical resistant and more efficient than belt-skimmers.

Misco digital refractometer

The MISCO PA201 digital Brix refractometer is designed to determine the concentration of metalworking fluids.

Micromag coolant filtration system

Using radial flow channels, this filtration system filters fluid through the micro system, attracting contaminants with its magnetic core. It removes 100 per cent of ferrous contaminants, with different models capable of moving larger amounts at higher pressures. It is easy to remove, clean and install.

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