REDwire Coolant selection: Which option is right for your application?

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From semi-synthetic and synthetic to emulsion coolants, Rotem offers many varieties of TRIM brand fluids made by Master Chemical.

Rotem Industrial Products provides chemical coolants for use in a wide variety of machining applications. From formulas that are designed to extend the life of tools to those that offer low-foaming and reduced mist, Rotem has been supplying top quality coolants since it was founded more than 50 years ago. 

Master Chemical has been supplying Rotem with metalworking fluids, designed to provide longer tool life and better finished parts, since its inception. From semi-synthetic and synthetic to emulsion coolants, Rotem offers many varieties of TRIM brand fluids made by Master Chemical.

MicroSol semi-synthetic coolants

  • 585XT is a non-chlorinated coolant that is perfect for the machining of gray iron, titanium alloys or in mixed metal applications.
  • 685 provides heavy-duty performance, yet offers the cleanliness of a semi-synthetic. It is suitable for a variety of materials, including aluminum, magnesium, steels, plastics, cast iron and more.
  • 695 is a premium non-halogenated, microemulsion coolant that is machine friendly.
  • 485 is a value-priced, long-lasting ferrous coolant that is appropriate for the demanding requirements of working with cast iron. It stops elemental iron leaching, which prevents oxidation and clinkering of ferrous micro fines.

Emulsion coolants

  • E850 is a “green” option because it’s vegetable based. It is easy to maintain, has a low initial charge odour and mild contact nature. It provides excellent surface finish for aluminum alloys, exotic metals, stainless steels, and steels with high-tensile strength.
  • E906 is a premium coolant that is low-foaming. It represents the latest technology in emulsion-based cutting. 
  • E206 is a highly stable formula with long life. It provides exceptional sump life and reduced mist. It is well suited for high-speed milling and turning of most materials. It can increase productivity and profits through higher speeds and feeds, longer sump life and lower use rates.
  • VHP E814 can be used for any material. It is chlorine free, environmentally friendly and can perform on high-speed, through-the-tool delivery systems on VMCs and HMCs.

Semi-synthetic coolants

  • SC520 is a general purpose, low odour coolant that improves the life of tools. It controls edge build-up and chip welding on soft materials.

Synthetic coolants

  • C380 is a premium ferrous machining formula that offers high performance (including high lubricity at the point of cut) and ease of use for materials, such as stainless steel and Inconel. 
  • C350 can offer less stress on machined parts and longer tool life. It is compliant with PRTR. It offers protection from rust on aluminum, nickel, titanium and steel alloys.
  • C270 coolant concentrate can operate at extremely high fluid pressures and volumes with little to no foaming. It is very stable.
  • C115 is suitable for cast iron and mild steels. It offers excellent cooling and chip settling. It has good machine cleanliness and will leave the machine tool coated in a protective film.

“No matter your specific application,” the company says, “we have the expertise to help you find the most appropriate option.”


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