REDwire Conveying solution increases production for Laundry Services Company

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Laundry Services Company has been a customer of Wecon Systems since 1999.

When a material handling solution fits an application perfectly, it makes for a happy customer. And a happy customer remains a loyal customer. 

That is the case with Laundry Services Company, who has been a customer of Wecon Systems since 1999. Responsible for cleaning, drying and folding soiled linens and garments for hospitals, hotels and motels across the GTA, Laundry Services Company strives to keep ahead of its competition while keeping production costs down. 

Wecon Systems was tasked with providing conveyor equipment, taking up little or no floor space, to transport the incoming laundry to the wash machines. Space is at a premium because the wash machines are large and take up a lot of room. The solution needed to be a clean, safe surface for the laundry so it wouldn’t mark, tear or contaminate the product. And lastly, the equipment had to be easy to install and modify to accommodate industry changes.

Since floor space was not available for most conveyances but ceiling space was, Wecon Systems installed a number of overhead slider bed conveyors incorporating modular design for ease of modification and expansion. All of the conveyors were wide enough to handle the large loads and, using speed changes, Wecon Systems was able to spread out the loads as they travelled along. Special belts were used that would not harm the products as they went from application to application, while stainless steel side guards and special belt return rollers were introduced to help limit any marking or staining of the newly washed product.

Wash production picked up so much that the customer had to add another receiving loop to increase the inbound quantities, which was the result the company was looking for. 

Mississauga, Ont.-based Wecon Systems is a material handling systems integrator. For more information on how its conveying solutions can help your application, contact Wecon Systems


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