REDwire Contactless sensors designed for extreme industrial environments

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Penny+Giles’ contactless rotary position sensor uses a factory programmable non-contact Hall effect sensor, and features single- and dual-output versions.

Penny+Giles’ popular SRH280 contactless rotary position sensor, which uses a factory programmable non-contact Hall effect sensor system, features single-output channel (SRH280P) and dual-output channel (SRH280DP) versions. Designed to provide reliable and accurate rotary position measurement in extreme motorsport and industrial environments where shock and vibration can occur, the SRH280P and SRH280DP sensors use the popular 28-mm flanged housing with a protection rating to IP68.

The sensors operate from either five VDC regulated or nine to 30 VDC unregulated power supply, and are available with analog (0.5-4.5 VDC) or digital (PWM) output signals. The sensor is factory programmable, allowing users to specify the output signal type, the measurement range (zero to 20 degrees to zero to 360 degrees in one-degree increments) and the output direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise).

The sensor has a 12-bit resolution (0.025 per cent) over the selected measuring range, and operates in temperatures ranging from -40 to 140 degrees C when powered at five VDC.

These SRH280P and SRH280DP versions replace the former model SRH280.

The Penny+Giles contactless rotary position sensors have been specially developed to provide maximum performance under extremes of temperature, humidity, vibration, shock and immersion. Using the latest advances in 12-bit Hall effect sensing technology, this expanded range of new generation sensors are factory programmed to provide the user with a wide range of previously unavailable options, including single- or dual-redundant outputs, clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation and measurement angles from zero to 20 degrees to zero to 360 degrees in one-degree increments. 

The SRH series uses a high-performance, factory-programmable 12-bit magnetic rotary sensor IC that includes integrated Hall elements and digital signal processing. The angular position information is provided by a magnet integrated with the sensor’s shaft, or supplied separately. 

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