REDwire Contact adhesive offers fast bond and immediate handling strength

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3M’s Fastbond Contact Adhesive 2000NF is ideal for accelerating the production speed of laminations.

3M’s line of water-based adhesives includes the Fastbond Contact Adhesive 2000NF. Ideal for accelerating the production speed of rigid and soft laminations beyond most water- and conventional solvent-based systems, this adhesive offers many advantages for applications ranging from countertop lamination to marine carpet bonding and interior automotive trim.

Top benefits

There are many advantages for users who select the Fastbond Contact Adhesive 2000NF. It offers instant bonding and immediate handling strength for fast throughput. For those applications where speed is not a concern, it offers a bonding range of up to two hours. In addition, this adhesive has a shear strength of 350 psi, and offers 3.5 times more coverage than typical solvent-based products, making it an economical choice, too.

Key details

This water-based adhesive is sprayable, rollable and brushable. When used in spray form, the two-component adhesive is mixed outside of the nozzle to avoid plugging and reduce overspray. It is also heat-activatable for fast post forming. This adhesive is ideal for bonding HPL to particle board, and for laminating and bonding a wide range of products, including cork, cardboard, backed fabrics, foam, plastic laminates, homasote, Masonite, chipboard and metal. It can also bond polyethylene foam and reinforced fabrics, vinyl and leather to plastic.


The Fastbond Contact Adhesive 2000NF, as well as a wide variety of other water-based adhesives from 3M, are available in Canada from Adheco. The company’s portfolio also includes: the WBFA two-component water-based foam sprayable adhesive; the 30NF one-component water-based adhesive, which can be sprayed, rolled or brushed on to bond various materials; and the 1000NF one-component water-based adhesive, which can also be sprayed, rolled or brushed on.

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