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ConservAIR technology from Pneumatech is available from NCA Ltd.

In an effort to save money in today’s competitive industrial environment, many companies are looking for ways to become more efficient. With compressed air being a major cost for some organizations, one way to save money and become more efficient is through the use of a steady pressure air controller. Enter ConservAIR technology from Pneumatech.

An innovative technology

ConservAIR is the concept of controlling the demand side of a compressed air system through the use of an Intermediate Control (I/C) flow device. An I/C monitors and stabilizes air pressure by adjusting flow, and releases air from storage to maintain a continuous, optimal air pressure supply. The result is reduced waste from leaks, reduced energy consumption, constant, stable air for production, and cost savings.

The S-Series, for example, has the capability to adjust to system changes instantaneously thanks to its multi-parallel design. It eliminates compressed air-related work stoppages and production interruptions by allowing compressors to accelerate and catch up. The result is better compressor network performance.


Pneumatch’s S-Series, featuring ConservAIR technology, is available in Canada from NCA Ltd., a London, Ont.-based supplier of compressed air systems. NCA is an authorized distributor for many industry-leading manufacturers, including Pneumatech.

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NCA Ltd.

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